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Beat The Heat With These Iced Coffee Ideas

New Mexico has been experiencing near-record high temperatures every day for weeks now. I’m seeking new ways to shelter from the scorching desert sun (cooling towels FTW). Cold water is fabulous, but what about that other quintessential summer companion: iced coffee? Here’s a collection of refreshing iced coffee ideas to amuse your taste buds and keep you cool all summer long.


If you need directions on cold brewing, Kane will show you how to use a Toddy system, or if you have a French press, you can use one of those.


1. Dreamsicle Iced Latte

Inspired by the classic ice milk popsicle with its orange sherbet coating, often sold in here in ABQ out of paletero carts on hot afternoons.

1 pump Monin Candied Orange syrup
1 pump Monin Vanilla syrup
Double shot of Espresso Strata
6 ounces of cold milk
Served over ice

Click here for more info on making espresso at home without a machine.


2. Mango Tango Frappe

This exotic blend brings together the sweetness of ripe mangoes with the boldness of cold brew coffee, and it actually works. Prepare a batch of cold brew ahead of time. What’s the best coffee for cold brew? We recommend Black Magic Blend, as it’s basically foolproof. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour over ice. The result is a velvety, fruity coffee symphony—when you use an unfruity coffee like Black Magic, it adds a chocolaty undernote to the sweet-tartness of the mango.

4 oz diced mango
4 oz coconut milk
8 ounces cold brew
Served over ice

3. Mocha Cold Brew Spritzer

This one’s got a real chocolate Tootsie Pop thing going on that I love. Combine ingredient however you want, just make sure you stir the chocolate in with the coffee really well. Sometimes there’s a chemical reaction when the seltzer hits the coffee that reminds one of the grade school model volcano, so pour slowly.

Organic Fair Trade Ethiopia Sidamo is another amazing choice for cold brewing, as it gets really chocolaty but still retains some of its berry note.

5 ounces cold brew
3 ounces plain seltzer
1 pump chocolate sauce of your choice
Serve over ice

4. Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays and eat them for breakfast

I said what I said.


Cheers to a cool and caffeinated summer from your local coffee roasters!