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Summer Coffee Round Up: A Few of Our Favorite Beans

Summer Coffee Round Up: A Few of Our Favorite Beans 

Looking for the perfect coffee for a warm day? Here are some beans and tasting notes to complement the beautiful sunny weather. Whether you’re starting your morning right or looking for an extra mid-day boost, Red Rock Roasters has a coffee for everyone.


What Makes a Great Summer Coffee?

It’s natural, when everything is in bloom, in our gorgeous early summers, before the New Mexico sun starts baking us all in 100-degree heatwaves, to look for coffee blends and single origins that feature fruity, floral, or citrusy notes. We have some excellent recommendations for you below, plus our very un-citrusy secret to perfect cold brew every time.


Ethiopia Sidamo for an Intense Berry Kick

A cool early summer morning is perfect for a sweet, aromatic cup of Fair Trade Organic Ethiopia Sidamo. A medium roast, it has characteristic bold blueberry aromatics and a lingering chocolaty sweetness that is uplifted by citrus notes. This coffee is a product of the Oromia Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Union, the co-op featured in the 2006 documentary Black Gold.

Ethiopia Sidamo Single Origin > Buy Now


Guatemala Cafe Femenino for Cinnamon, Spice, and Everything Nice

If you like medium roasts with clean, bright acidity, and baking spice aromas, our Fair Trade Organic Guatemala Cafe Femenino is a classic high-altitude Guatemala with great complexity and vibrancy. Its tart sweetness is reminiscent of stone fruit, like cherries or plums. This balanced, drinkable coffee is a great accompaniment to breakfast or dessert.


Guatemala Cafe Femenino Blend > Buy Now


Black Magic Blend for Foolproof Cold Brew

We are not all dark-roast drinkers here at Red Rock Roasters, but when it comes to cold brew, we ALL say Black Magic is the best blend. Any roasty bitterness that you might expect from a full city/dark roast is completely absent when Black Magic is prepared as cold brew—it’s 100% sweet syrupy chocolaty coffee essence. If you don’t know how to make cold brew, here’s Kane with a demonstration. If you need a cold brew setup, here’s the Toddy system.


Black Magic Blend > Buy Now


Shop Spring and Summer Coffee At Red Rock Roasters!

Coffee is a year-round beverage. To keep things fresh, why not try a new blend or origin, or a new brew method? And don’t sweat the business ethics—our responsibly sourced coffees are roasted at the only Carbonfree® certified roastery in New Mexico.


What Now? 

Shop our coffee beans online to experience a cup of really good coffee.  If you want us to help you find your favorites, check out our Coffee Of The Month Club for a surprise in each order (and it makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life).