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Some Company History

You may have read that our business started in a our family's converted barn. That's true. I was four when we moved to New Mexico from the Bay Area. My parents bought a house in Corrales, and on the property was a little stable where the previous owner had kept donkeys and horses (a friend from the East coast looked at the picture of our barn and said, "That's not a barn! Barns are enormous and red with gambrels!" To which I replied that he was a barn imperialist and this is what barns look like in Corrales, thank you very much, Yanqui). The folks poured a concrete floor and put up drywall and put in doors and windows and re-stuccoed and painted and my dad started selling espresso machines out of it, while my mom did the books and ran Red Rock Cafe in Rio Rancho.

A couple years later, they moved to a little storefront on McLeod Street (it turned out people didn't want to drive up a steep dirt road to get to our showroom in the boonies), and then in 1999 we moved to our current location and bought Marge, our beautiful Brazilian hot-air roaster.

Our organizational processes have improved slightly.