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PRESS RELEASE: Celebrating Thirty Years of Roasting in New Mexico


New Mexico’s First Third Wave Roaster Celebrates Thirty Years

With Thirty Days of Giveaways

Founded in 1993 in their family’s converted barn in the Village of Corrales, New Mexico, the Langers have led New Mexico’s exciting coffee industry with professional, progressive, high-quality Specialty coffee sourcing and roasting. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico: During the month of November, Red Rock Roasters is holding a Thirty Days of Giveaways to celebrate their Thirty Year Anniversary. Coffee and merchandise will be awarded every day through November to thirty participants whose names will be randomly drawn from amongst folks who share posts to their Instagram or Facebook stories. The qualifying posts must be tagged #ThirtyYearsOfRedRockRoasters.

Red Rock Roasters was the first NM coffee roaster to be Fair Trade certified, and they remain one of only two Organic-certified roasters in the state.

Red Rock Roasters' pre-2013 logoRed Rock Roasters' 30th Anniversary Logo

The tasting room, 2000-2018

Founder David Langer, roasting in 2000

First and Third Generations around the Loring roaster at Red Rock's Albuquerque, NM plant


“When we started our company in 1993, there were only a handful of espresso machines in the whole state,” says Nancy Langer, who co-founded the roastery with her husband, David Langer. 

“Starbucks was years away from opening its first store here, and most New Mexicans were drinking filter coffee, either at home or at sit-down breakfast restaurants. The coffee culture was very different then, especially because concepts like specific coffee origin or different roast levels were not part of the language of coffee consumers. In that regard, we were pioneers, selling single-origin Specialty coffees, providing coffee and barista education to New Mexico restaurateurs, and promoting Specialty coffee in central New Mexico.”

This thirty year marker showcases Red Rock Roasters as a business worth celebrating. It has withstood multiple recessions, saturation of the national and local Specialty coffee market, a shift from brick and mortar to internet sales and marketing, and a global pandemic. Ever the family business, the Langers continued to operate it throughout life’s stages—college, retirement, illness, the death of their long-time business partner Ben D. Cohen, the birth of a third generation.

Rachel Langer, second generation roaster, does a lot of the day-to-day roastery management, and attributes a lot of what they’ve accomplished to their employees. “Our gifted employees, who help us keep the dream going, are icing on the cake,” she says. It’s worth noting that the relationship is reciprocal – Red Rock Roasters has always prioritized providing living wages and benefits, above the state standard. Sustainability is a huge part of their culture, and it’s not just about how the coffee is grown and sourced (although that’s a big part of it); it has everything to do with local work conditions and a deep appreciation of everyone’s hard work. 


Another sustainability first that Red Rock Roasters has brought to New Mexico is their certification as a CarbonFree roasting plant. They are a woman-owned small business that sources coffee from many woman-owned coffee farms. Long-time supporters of the Café Femenino Foundation, Red Rock Roasters has provided grant funding to their producers’ co-ops for income diversification and education.  


And back to the 30th Anniversary – as Rachel points out, “It’s time to celebrate our customers, who stick with us year after year! So tag #ThirtyYearsOfRedRockRoasters on your social posts, and get ready for giveaways of coffee and useful merch throughout November!"


About Red Rock Roasters: Red Rock Roasters, founded in 1993, is a family-owned multi-generational Specialty coffee roaster based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are, to date, the only roaster in New Mexico ever to have scored over 90 points from Coffee Review, an accomplishment they have achieved four times. They are also 2018 winners of the New Mexico Coffee Roaster Competition. Red Rock Roasters conscientiously sources the best green coffees in the world and roasts them with the care and professionalism they deserve, for the consumer and commercial markets. Coupled with their equipment and accessory lines, curated teas and hot beverage alternatives, they continue to lead the way through third wave coffee trends and beyond.