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Announcing Adobe Coffee Company

Please welcome Adobe Coffee Company to the Red Rock family!

If you live in or have ever visited the American Southwest, you know that our architecture is as unique as our traditions (we’re looking at you, Zozobra). Low adobe homes dot the landscape, often with inviting ristras of red chiles on the patio. The ends of vigas (wooden beams) dot the facades, popping out of the adobe as if they’re part of the welcome party.

To us here at Red Rock, those adobe buildings symbolize home, hearth, comfort, and joy. That’s why we named our new line of Specialty coffees the Adobe Coffee Company. We hope it brings you all those warm feelings, right in your own kitchen.

Adobe, which debuted in early 2018, features blends, single origins, and 100% naturally flavored coffees. Every Adobe bean is prepared at our Albuquerque roastery with the care and attention we’re dedicated to always providing. Each is the same high-quality Specialty coffee we always source. And all flavorings are 100% natural. 

We know you love good coffee. That means it’s tasty, sustainably sourced, and fair at every single step in the supply chain. When you enjoy

About Adobe Flavored Coffees

Though not all the Adobe coffees are flavored, we wanted to make a quick note about the ones that are. We never use lower-quality coffee bases for our flavored coffees. Our flavored Adobe coffees have a base of current crop Specialty coffee, which is the same quality as all Red Rock single origins and blends. 

We use Mexico Chiapas as our flavored coffee base, because it’s a strong, sweet foundation from which the flavorings can emerge with their full potential. It’s bright and clean, with a crisp finish.

Check Out the Adobe Coffees

Take a look at the names of the Adobe coffees, and you’ll see our New Mexico pride shining bright. Our Southwestern Pecan Coffee is a Land of Enchantment original, with pecan nut extract from southern New Mexico’s Mesilla Valley. The Mesilla Valley is a leading producer of pecans, which were brought to the area by settlers in the 1800s.

The Adobe Coffee Co.’s Piñon Roast Coffee spotlights the piñon nut, a staple of regional cuisine for centuries. The piñon pine (Pinus edulis) is the official state tree of New Mexico; for our piñon coffee, its nut flavoring produces a buttery, rich, quintessentially New Mexican brew.

The Pie Town Blend gets its name from the tastiest town in America, out in western New Mexico. The medium-roast Pie Town coffee pairs well with … you guessed it. (No judgement if a pie-brew pairing is how you start your morning.)

Finally, our bold, dark-roasted Cowboy Roast blend has as much kick as a bucking bronco. It’s great for cowboys/girls and city slickers alike. 

Happy sipping!